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Liu Lihua-Vice Minister of Industry and Information Technology Ministry Came to Zhuhai Investigation and Studyof SOE Reform and Industrial Transformation and Upgrading

Number of visits: Date:2016-11-04

From November 2nd to 3rd, vice minister of Industry and Information Technology Ministry Liu Lihua led an expert team to Zhuhai of Guangdong Province, conducting a special investigation and studyon SOE reform and industrial transformation and upgrading. The expert team conducted field research in some typical local state controlling and state holding enterprises such as Zhuhai Hansen Technology Co., Ltd., China Aviation Industry General Aircraft Co., Ltd., Gree Electric Appliances Inc. of Zhuhai and Gree Intelligent Equipment Inc. of Zhuhai and so on. The directors of these enterprises reported to the expert team and made suggestions of promoting SOE reform and industrial transformation and upgrading.

Minister Liu Lihua pointed out that in recent years, some central and local SOEs made constructive exploration and beneficial attempts on deepening systems and mechanisms reform and strengthening Party construction. They accumulated great amount of experiences. All these experiences and practices should be summarized thoroughly and be reported and introduced to the related state sectors. Minister Liu also emphasized that scientific innovation was the foundation and essential drive of enterprise development and also the key element of corporate transformation and upgrading. The innovation-driven strategy should be implemented vigorously and state-owned capital structure be optimized ceaselessly. More investments should be put into research and development, cultivation of talents and cross-border technology mergers and acquisitions. The strategy that Innovation drives development is embodied by the fact that scientific innovation spurs corporation transformation and upgrading. Minister Liu mentioned, not only the “hard power” of corporation should be strengthened, but also the “soft power” like internal management, industrial design, brand building, culture cultivation and fulfillment of social responsibilities should be built up and promoted and thus the impetus and vitality could be achieved, which will lay a solid foundation of sustainable management and healthy development within the corporation itself.

The investigation and study were accompanied by heads of Policies and Laws department and machinery industry department of Industry and Information Technology Ministry and Zhuhai municipal government, science and technology bureau and Industry and Information Technology bureau.

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