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Authorized Economic Operator, A VIP ticket to 40 State Ministries

Source:《珠海特区报》 Number of visits: Date:2016-11-23

Zhuhai Daily                         09:03 23th, November, 2016

On the morning of 22th, November, 2016, Customs Officials of Doumen visited Zhuhai Hansen Technology, Co., Ltd., introducing to Hansen the policy of joint incentive to Authorized Economic Operator of credibility. Administrators of different key enterprises under the jurisdiction of Doumen Customs attended the meeting, which was said to be the first round of its series.

Early this month, National Development and Reform Commission, People’s Bank of China, General Administration of Customs, together with 37 other state ministries issued “Memorandum of Joint Incentive to Authorized Economic Operator”, providing to authorized economic operators a package of 6 types of preferential measures—49 in total, like simplified approval channel, accelerated customs clearance, prioritized procedure handling, reduced financing cost etc., which makes AEO a real VIP ticket.

The goal of the meeting was to give the enterprises an idea of the content and the application of this VIP ticket. Reportedly, in order to provide to the export company premium and efficient service, the customs deal with the exporters on the basis of their credit rating, following the rule of “Preference to Credibility and Law-abiding, Punishment to Incredibility and Law-breaking”. Take Doumen Customs as an example, with more than 1700 enterprises under its jurisdiction, after classification on account of credit, Doumen customs can optimize the allocation of resources by devoting more supervision to those low rated ones.  This not only improves the accuracy and validity of the supervision, but also ensures “accelerated customs clearance” on the ground of “effective control”. It is known that up to date, there are 11 enterprises that have obtained the AEO, with more intending to apply for the certificate.

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