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Number of visits: Date:2010-05-28
--- Promotion Show of Hansen Radiating Cable
May 28th, 2010
On May 1st, senior supervisors of Hansen and VIP guests from China Telecom, China Mobile, China Unicom, designing institute and railway ministry got together in Hansen factory joining the “OPEN HOUSES·HANSEN” promotion show.
The promotion show had a lot of activities including introduction of Hansen, technology lectures, visit of plant and ribbon cutting ceremony of simulated tunnel for radiating cable. All the guests were very instrested in those activities.
The ribbon cutting ceremony pushed the show to the peak. The guests and Hansen’s engineers had an impassioned discussion on performance, application envirement, specification of the radiating cable and so on.
Hansen radiating cable has a special design according to different applications. They are mainly used in tunnels, mines, intelligent buildings, railways, metro and some closed or complicated places where radio waves can not be reached. So with radiating cable,the radio wave is able to cover every blind area of telecommunication system without any gap.
"Open Houses·Hansen" was the biggest promotion show which was held in Hansen. It showed that Hansen attached high importance to product innovation and market development. Hansen impressed the guests very much by its high-tech products, top class of plants, beautiful view of the factory and the famous show of the dancing group. We believe that Hansen radiating cable will be developed better and better in the future.

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