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Hansen Evaluated Excellent in Factory Audit

Number of visits: Date:2010-05-30
Being as one of the biggest enterprises in the world who specialized in maunufacturing physical foaming coaxial cable, Hansen has sold its cable to everywhere of China and up to 80 countries and areas in the world.
On May 6th, expert group from China Telecom Guangdong branch come to Hansen for a two-day factory audit. The expert group included representatives from purchasing department, engineer managing center, wireless internet operating center of China Telecom Guangdong branch and Zhongjie telecommunication. During the factory audit, Hansen introduced its development status, manufacturing and QC capability and R&D progress to the expert group. After random inspection in the plants, the expert group impressed a lot by the precision quality analyzer and skillful operation of the QC, and were highly satisfied with the good performance of the inspected products. Finally, it concluded that all the items of the factory audit were excellent.
Hansen also did good in the factory audits of China Telecom Fujian branch on Apr 23rd and Hunan branch on May 18th. The experts were not only satisfied with Hansen’s advanced equipments, outstanding technics and perfect products, but also praised Hansen spirit of continuously improving .

In the past twenty-five years, through comprehensive and deep cooperation with operators, Hansen did all its best in promoting telecommunication progress. All its efforts are to provide more safe, convenient and colorful communication experience to people.

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