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The Premier’s Visit in Hansen

Number of visits: Date:2010-12-02

On the morning of Nov 15th2010, Mr.Wen Jiabao, the member of the Politburo Standing Committee of the CPC Central Committee and Premier of State Council, visited Hansen Technology in the company of Mr.Wang Yang, the Secretary of Guangdong provincial committee of the CPC, Mr. Gan Lin, the Secretary of Zhuhai municipal committee of the CPC and some other officers. They conducted surveys and investigations and got some understanding of development of Hansen.
During the visit, the premier heard about development and scientific & technical innovation of Hansen reported by Mr.Shou Weichun, Chairman of Hansen. He went to the workshop surveying production lines of foaming insulation and corrugating & welding. The premier asked for detailed information about the two processes and consulted the principle from the field workers. He speaked highly of Hansen’s “Three Trumps” that are scientific and technical innovation, self-owned brand and hard-work, and pointed that it meant the enterprise had put innovation on an very important position. At the time being, Hansen coaxial cable is No.2 in the world. The premier said that we should surpass America in this industry. In the area of science and technology, there is only one No.1, not two No.1. We have only one step to be No.1. With everyone’s efforts, we can become No.1 as early as possible. At last, the premier shaked hands with more than 160 staffs and had photoes with them.
What the premier said inspired Hansen team very much, and gave Hansen more confidence to speed up its development.
After the visit, the Hansen Party committee called for symposium to study the premier’s conversation. To be No.1 in the world is a specific target, but we have to pay hard work to achieve the target. We should keep in mind the concept of innovation, believe that science and technology will lead Hansen’s development in the future, and make all the staffs have strong responsibility to the enterprise. Only under this way, Hansen is able to design and manufacture more outstanding cable products and manufacturing technique, and therefore enjoys a sustainable development.

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